Our structural system

Our Structural System: Primenet is here to stay and we don’t think of closing down any time soon, we work with principles of honesty and transpiracy to our users, which is why we have created a solid and strong structure to ensure that our member get paid whether affiliate or none affiliate

On Primenet every one gets paid, how do we make that happen?

  • Trafic
  • Reoccoring subscription payments after withdrawal.
  • Paid for Campaign advertising from well know and profound companies around the glob.
  • Adsence from Google.
  • Digital product.



Traffic : this is very a vital and relevant part of pur system, the more member perform task and activities the more we get paid and the more review to to pay out.

Reoccuring Subscription payments

Reococuring Subcriptions : here we are talking about subscriptions, on Primenet we don’t work with the usual one time payment system, in other to keep the cash flow steady and coming our members are to resubcribe after activities withdrawals has been made, so in other for a user to access his or her account after activties withdrawals he or she has to resubcribe with the same amount used for her first registration 2,000 naira, think of it as referring back your self back to site.

Paid Campaign advertising

Paid Campaign Advertising is where profound companies around the glob pay us to advertise there products on our site due to the massive traffic we generate every second, companies like

  • Bluehost
  • operamini
  • Mtn
  • Airtel
  • Glo
  • Bet9ja
  • Msport
  • Etc……..

Google Adsenc

Google Adsenc: this is where Google place paid advertisings from profound companies around the globe on our site due to the traffic we generate per second in exchange we get paid and share this revenues with our members.

Digital products

Digital Products:Priment we have a nitch of digital product we sell that drive in thousands of dolles every day and we share this revenue with our meberbers.


Conclusion: On primenet we have somany ways of generating revenue in other to pay our subscriber for the good work the have done, so it doesn’t really matter if u refer or not you still get paid as long as you keep to the task required.