Oyo state Govt. Spent N118m to Support UCH, Virology Dept.

The government has provided a monetary fund to the tune of N5 million to the UCH for treatment of residents of Oyo State who tested positive to COVID-19.

The amount is being topped when the hospital spends up to N4 million on the patients.

The Commissioner revealed that supported a shopping list specifically prepared and presented to the regime by the Chief Medical Director of the UCH, Prof. Jesse Otegbayo, the government has procured medical supplies to the tune of N25 million for delivery to the Hospital.

That the supplier is simply close to deliver the said items is an evidence of the protocols associated with movement schedules of all items within the environment of a worldwide pandemic,” the statement further read. The statement noted that these supplies included goggles, PPE gowns, boots so on, stating that all told, the whole amount spent in directly supporting the UCH to this point stood at N32 million, while the balance of N86 million constituted what has been spent to support the Department of Virology, which is that the direct partner with the state on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government maintained a number of the supports provided to the Virology Department, which also handles the Clinical Services of the UCH, include purchase of PPEs, SARSCoV-2 testing kits, extraction kits for Covid-19, wet lease of the testing machine for Covid-19, medical supplies and consumables similarly as payment of allowances for the staff of the Virology Department.

In order to clarify the referenced N118 million support, it’s important to first of all state that we were made attentive to a distinction between the University College Hospital and also the College of drugs, University of Ibadan.

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